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The clock did not look like this one

An alarm clock owner in the Cambodian second-city of Battambang has told of how he awoke late this morning, after his normally-reliable alarm clock failed to wake him up at the normal agreed time.

Moys Kenwood, 55, sets his gray-colored Tesco alarm clock to wake him at 5:30am every weekday morning, but that did not happen today. When he finally awoke from his slumbers 'under his own steam' – at around 5:43 – he noticed that the clock had stopped with the hour hand halfway between the 1 and the 2, and the minute hand 40% of the distance between the 6 and the 7, at 01:32 – for no apparent reason!

Swearing under his breath, Kenwood, turned the clock this-way-and-that in his hands to try to discover why it had malfunctioned, then ripped the back off to check the battery situation: there was one. After shaking the clock, it started to work once more, leaving Kenwood totally nonplussed as to why it had arrested itself at such an unsociable hour in the first place!.

"All avenues of enquiry were exhausted," he said, "and the reason behind the stoppage could not be ascertained. It's a mystery."

Kenwood still arrived at work on time, however, and disciplinary measures were not deemed necessary.

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