image for Amazon Chief Tribesman Wahu Sumpe Pauchuluuu Resigns
SHOCK: Pauchuluuu’s cabinet, yesterday.

IQUITOS (WAHUU VILLAGE): Amazon Chief Tribesman Wahu Sumpe Pauchuluuu today confirmed has submitted his resignation after learning the shocking defeat of Malaysia's Barisan National during the 14th General Election that was held on May 9. The defeat of Malaysia's 60 year ruling party is not just felted across Malaysia only, but all over the world including the uncharted territories on the world map. Wahuu Village is no exception.

The chief tribesman is waiting for the Supreme Tribesman King Chuckawakooba Mongchuck to accept his resignation and finding a replacement.

“We need to get the Supreme Tribesman King's approval before we can announce (his successor),” he said, adding that he would meet with the king to immediately “find his successor”.

The Deputy Chief Tribesman Humba Homba Hombongo was speaking to reporters after chairing the weekly tribesmen meeting here.

When asked Pauchuluu had given any reason for his decision to step down, Hombongo said he had said the following:

“he expressed his desire to resign out of shock of Malaysia's unexpected election result.”

Pauchuluu had also thanked the tribesman council for being given the “honour and privilege” to serve the village of Wahuu since 2014.

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