The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China revised the state constitution to remove term limits for the office of president of the PRC.  This vote gives Xi Jinping the legal basis to become president for more than two terms and, possibly for life.

The term limits affair also served as an excuse for the Western media to descend into an abyss of agitprop, ignorance, self-gratification, and self-delusion that I, quite frankly find disturbing and dangerous.

The Western media and think tank commentariat is serving the Kool Aid to the public; but do they believe it themselves?  If they do, it’s time to get worried, because self-serving ignorance concerning China might enrich defense contractors and think tanks.  But it is a luxury the United States can no longer afford.

So, this week China Watch viewers get the deep deep dive on term limits, succession policies, how China is run…and why it’s important to understand what’s really going on.

Also, we look at the Western regime change bullseye that is slowly drifting toward the back of Malaysia and its pro-Chinese prime minister, Najib Razak.  Is Team Anti-China ready to pull the trigger?  Is Australia ready to step up and play the role of regional sheriff?  Is Malcolm Turnbull ready to expose some embarrassing family history concerning Goldman Sachs and corruption in Malaysia?

And Korea!  Gotta talk about Trump and Korea!

All this on this week’s China Watch.

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Show notes

Not Exactly the “A-Team”: Is Trump Getting Played by Kim Jong Un?

How China is Challenging American Dominance in Asia

Wolf of Wall Street producers to pay $ 76 million over Malaysian corruption allegations

Why is Najib pushing fake news law before Malaysia election?

Desperate to Survive, Malaysia’s PM Sells His Country to China

Australian PM reveals he gave $ 1.75 million to own campaign

Turnbull’s son ‘sidelined’ after blowing whistle on bank scandal

Turnbull Should Quit Moaning and Join the Anti-Corruption Campaign!

Exclusive: Senior ANZ officials were aware of suspicious transactions at Malaysia affiliate

Hey!  What About Term Limits for the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping??

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