The recent victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador – or simply, “AMLO” – as the next President of Mexico has raised red flags in certain, mostly Washington Consensus, circles, while triggering praise in others, mostly from Eurasia and left-leaning, independent Latin American nations.  There are a few curious outliers, but for the most part, there is a pall of cautious concern from market fundamentalists afraid that he will turn into another Hugo Chavez or, at best, Brazil’s Lula, overnight.  Yet after bitterly losing two prior runs in 2006 & 2012, this former Mayor of Mexico City is putting forward a pragmatic face while nuancing approaches to leadership.  I.E. Swearing to assist the poor while cleaning up Mexico’s endemic corruption, chronic violence & lack of growth, alongside extending olive branches to the global private sector to get on the AMLO bus.

Why are Russia & China so over the moon with excitement over AMLO’s win?  What have they got up their individual & collective sleeves for engaging this most important Latin American neighbor of Washington’s, with whom the US conducts hundreds of billions of dollars in annual energy trading?  And why is the bizarrely unpredictable Trump Administration wanting a revamp or outright scrubbing out of the quarter-century-old NAFTA agreement, which has benefited America’s economy so well?  For that matter, how genuinely invested in NAFTA will Mexico be under AMLO’s leadership?  Especially with said eastern powers chompin’ at the bit to practically marry Mexico into their growing geostrategic fold?

In this 25th episode of Money & Fear, and as always, in the show’s detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, we’ll explore the nexus points between a Mexico exhausted with decades of corrupted status quo political leadership and an unprecedented Sino-Russian alliance seeking to rewrite the rules of energy pricing, trading, rent recycling & investment away from the 45 year-old Petro-Dollar Standard, established by the very same Washington Consensus which demands predictability out of all of Latin America, just as the late Standard Oil heirs Nelson & David Rockefeller wished it to be.  We’ll touch upon data points, momentum within both eastern & western spheres, and the unique opportunities awaiting a reborn Grand Republic of MéxicoA caballo regalado, no se le ven los dientes. 

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Show Notes

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List of countries by oil imports

Mexico opens up oil industry for first time in 80 years

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Russia’s Lukoil wins block in Mexico shallow water oil auction

Mexico Gives Green Light to Russia’s Rosneft, Lukoil to Bid on Oil Contracts

Mexico and China Are Very Different Trading Partners

Leading Mexican Presidential Candidate Would Respect Nafta Deal

On NAFTA, Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador Is Moving Into The Driver’s Seat

Mexico Likely To Keep Making The World’s Biggest Oil Hedge

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 A New Revolution in Mexico

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Clash of Dynasties by Richard James DeSocio

Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon : Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil by Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett, Charlott Dennett

Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st Century by Tom Bower

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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