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Last year, after the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, authorities essentially launched a crackdown nationwide on anyone and everyone who made a threat. Children and adults alike were detained, arrested, and charged for making online threats of violence. Dozens of people were arrested in just a few weeks. Fast forward to 2020, and now the assistant chief of police in Geraldine, Alabama is making terrorist threats online. But since he’s a cop, he gets a pass.

At least 30 people shared screen caps with the Free Thought Project of the assistant chief of the Geraldine police department, Jeff Buckles’ Facebook posts. After the state of the union address Tuesday night, Buckles couldn’t contain his anger toward Nancy Pelosi for tearing up Donald Trump’s speech—which was her personal copy as Trump read from teleprompters.

“Pelosi just ripped up his speach (sic),” Buckles wrote in the public post, which since appears to have been deleted or removed from public view but not before it was screen grabbed dozens of times. “Road Side bomb on her way home and any other Dumbocrats.”

This man is the second highest ranking cop in his town and his is literally calling for the assassination of American politicians. We are definitely not fans of Nancy Pelosi, but never would you hear TFTP call for her assassination. Not only is it in poor taste, but it would land us in a jail cell.

After his post went viral — for obvious reasons — and people were referring to him as a terrorist, Buckles issued an apology, claiming he was just “venting.”

“I want to apologize for venting on FB,’ wrote Buckles. “I have definitely offended some people with my remarks. It just rips my heart out that our great country is so divided.”

Unlike the one where he was making terrorist threats towards the speaker of the house, that post has not been deleted.

I want to apologize for venting on FB. I have definitely offended some people with my remarks. It just rips my heart out that our great country is so divided.

Posted by Jeff Buckles on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

If you or I or anyone else but a police officer would have called for blowing up politicians on their way home from D.C., rest assured we would have had secret service agents knocking on our door within hours. However, because this terroristic threat was made by the chief of police, he is enjoying time off.

AL.com reported that Buckles did not go to work on Thursday or Friday, but according to the police chief, this was due to previously scheduled time off, not a suspension.

They let the officer remain on vacation and have not acted on his comments.

Geraldine Mayor Chuck Ables on Thursday evening said he and police Chief Heath Albright are still gathering information and will meet with the town’s attorney on Friday to decide what to do in response to Buckles’ post. The mayor declined to share his reaction to the assistant chief’s Facebook post.

After his post went viral, Buckles’ entire Facebook page went viral as well and has garnished comments from all sides.

“If Jeff Buckles is impulsive enough to make life endangering threats towards democrats or as he would say “dumbocrats” on a Facebook status then what other impulsive life threatening decisions will he make with the authority and weapons he possesses in real life?” asked one Facebook user.

“Way too late,” one person wrote after he ‘apologized.’ “You are supposed to protect & serve. Not to threaten & spread fear.”

We agree.

Also, his “apology” rings hollow about his “heart” being ripped that the country is so “divided” when he is resorting to name calling and partisan schoolyard antics to promote his apparently romantic obsession with Donald Trump and hatred for those who have a different political view.

Yes, it is probably unlikely that Buckles wanted to actually blow up Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. We do not advocate the ‘cancel culture’ when people make stupid mistakes and think that everyone deserves a second chance. But, the bottom line is that he said it and our readers likely know that other people have been arrested for far less serious “threats” — including children.

As TFTP reported in October, a 12-year-old girl found herself entangled within the police state after she made a poor, but innocent decision to shape her fingers like a gun and point them at students. Her mother, Vanessa McCaron said that although what her daughter did was dumb, the reaction from police and the school was over the top. Indeed it was. Unlike Buckles, this girl was arrested and charged with a felony for shaping her hand like a gun.

Then, just this week, police were called to a kindergarten class after a 6-year-old little girl with Down syndrome did the same thing and pointed her finger like a gun.

But, if you are the assistant chief of police, threatening to blow people up on Facebook while declaring that Trump was sent from God to fulfill a prophecy (yes, he really said that), then you get a pass.

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