By Chris Rossini

​Liberty is the natural condition of every individual. We are thinking and choosing beings. The choices that we make produce consequences. We can’t escape the consequences of our choices, but the liberty to make those choices is always there, and a part of us.

Because no individual is all-knowing, it necessarily means that to a great degree, we are all ignorant. No matter how much knowledge we’re able to cram between our ears during our time here, ignorant we will always be.

Being ignorant, we will make mistakes. 

We will err, and experience the pain that comes along with making those errors. As unpleasant as it can be, mistakes and errors are a necessary part of life and cannot be eradicated completely.

Now, of course an individual can err, learn from it, and never make the mistake again. In that sense, he can eradicate that error from his life. But he will always have the choice of making the error again. The option will always be there.

Since we are always susceptible to error, it necessarily means we are very often faced with uncertainty. We often have to choose, without knowing in advance, exactly what is going to happen.

So we’re largely ignorant … dealing with uncertainty … and constantly taking risks.

Needless to say, living as a human being is a risky adventure. There’s no doubt about that.

But wait, there’s more…

Other people!

While you can personally discover and work in harmony with physical, biological, mathematical, and economic laws, you cannot know for sure how others will react to the choices that you make. You can’t think and choose for them, just as they can’t think and choose for you.

You can guess how others will react. You may have a gut feel at times. You may make assumptions based on past experiences. But the past is dead and gone, never to be repeated in the same way again. The present moment is perfectly unique.

So other people add tremendous uncertainty.

All throughout history, these truths have bothered those who yearn for absolute certainty, who want to completely eliminate errors, pain, suffering, poverty and risk.

They don’t like that this is the setup of life, and they’re going to do something about it.

This is where the utopians and tyrants (and their many followers) come in.

They’re going to change life. They’re going to “change the world,” as they so often like to say.

So, just when you thought that life was hard enough, dealing with the errors and mistakes, here come the utopians and tyrants to make everything exponentially harder! 

Their “policies” multiply errors on a grand scale…and they never want to stop. The worse they make things, the more “policies” they believe they need!

They do not accept their ignorance. They believe themselves to be ‘gifted’ and ‘exceptional.’ And after all, everything that they do, they do in the name of “helping.”

They see a problem with Liberty. It does not eradicate error, pain and suffering. So the utopians, with all of their weapons, believe that if they just inflict enough violent force, or generate enough fear, they can bring about their uniform, and perfectly organized utopia.

The utopians and tyrants believe that they will change human nature. 

If there’s one truth about all of nature that every human being should accept, it’s this: “You’re not going to change it!”

Nevertheless, the utopians don’t want to hear that and onward they will march. They have often stated that they are on a mission to create a ‘New Man.’

This ‘New Man’ will think, value, prefer, and choose what he is told to think, value, prefer, and choose. 

This ‘New Man’ will obey. He will know nothing but obedience, and in being obedient will experience happiness like he’s never imagined before.

Oh, how the tyrants and utopians have tried, and continue to try to bring about their robot world. Oh, how their believers keep begging them to keep trying. And oh, how much devastation they have always brought onto themselves and onto countless innocent human beings.

But the truth cannot be overturned.

Man is not the Creator. 

In fact, man does not create anything. Man combines and re-arranges. He combines and re-arranges thoughts, and he combines and re-arranges the natural elements to suit his needs.

But man cannot combine and re-arrange other men!

This, the utopians and tyrants do not want to hear, and will completely ignore.

The ideas of Liberty suggest the exact opposite of the tyrants and utopians. Just deal with others according to human nature. 

Live and let live. 

Voluntarily exchange ideas and voluntarily exchange products and services.

The Declaration of Independence, signed by those courageous “traitors,” acknowledged that everyone is “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

These brave “rebels” were acknowledging and accepting the human being as it was created. They were not seeking to create a ‘New Man.’ If they did, the greatest flowering of life in human history would never have occurred. America would have been turned into a wasteland….and quick!

Liberty is the key.

It is not utopian. Liberty will not create a world without error or uncertainty. It will not create a world without pain, or poverty, or tragedy.

Liberty does, however, provide the ability of better dealing with these fixtures of life, but will not eliminate them.

Without a doubt, Liberty is far superior to all the utopians and tyrants. It allows the individual to navigate his way through this risky adventure that we call Life.

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