As well as being blind, this man has no nose or mouth

After the story of the Utah teenager who drove a car 'birdbox' on the freeway yesterday, dozens more similar-yet-unsimilar incidents have come to light, all using the same premise of completing activities whilst 'birdbox' –

The 'birdbox' concept of doing things without being able to see what you are doing, stems from the recent movie 'Bird Box' starring Sandra Bullock, in which she leads her two children through a forest blindfolded, so that she doesn't 'see' murderous supernatural entities. If she does, she will die.

Social media challenges sprang up, and people all over the world starting doing everyday activities – birdbox.

Most madcap amongst these was a doctor at a hospital in Austin Texas, who elected to perform birdbox keyhole surgery. The hospital is currently preparing a statement – birdbox.

There was a similar-yet-unsimilar situation at Chicago O'Hare airport, where the pilot of an incoming flight attempted to birdbox-land the plane. Emergency services are on the scene now.

A bus driver in Green Bay failed to pick up many of his regular passengers this morning, when he drove his bus in birdbox fashion, and DJ Bird Box on station WXYZ played a music selection that can only be described as 'toxic', amidst a torrent of complaints from callers.

Meanwhile, for one writer who always writes birdbox-fashion on satirical news website,, it was 'birdbox as usual'.

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