Two in every ten Brits don’t know that Theresa May is the Prime Minister of Great Britain according to a new survey conducted by Idiotwatch, which is part of the government’s public monitoring programme.

Whilst many had heard of May as a Spring month, even this knowledge was by no means universal, and a few thought Theresa May was a British aircraft which dropped the atomic bomb on China during the First World War. The study also found that 1 in ten thought that Burger King was an actual monarch and that the Speaker in the House of Commons is a sound system in a pub which serves hot food.

As far as pets are concerned 40% of UK dog owners think a green fairy visits parks picking up plastic tie-bags full of dog faeces, and the other 60% believe a bag is completely unnecessary as the excrement can decompose perfectly naturally where it is. But, perhaps most troubling of all, is an amazing 52% of people actually trust Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and even Jacob Rees-Mogg, to tell the truth, and look after the nation’s best interests.

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