Flippy the burger-flipping robot has been switched off after hurling a string of abuse at customers of the Cali Burger restaurant in Pasadena.

It is understood that the trouble started after customers began to complain about the excessive wait for their burgers. ‘We’d been waiting an age for our burgers’, says burger-loving customer, Randy Johnson. ‘And when I complained to the manager, Flippy shouted ‘hey, asshole, I’ve only got one spatula-filled arm, I’m going as fast as I can’.

When Johnson complained for a second time, Flippy reportedly replied, ‘what’s your rush anyway, pork chop? The last thing you need is another burger. If you’re in such a rush for your coronary why don’t you f**k off to the McDonald’s round the corner’.

Misio Robotics, which made Flippy, say they hope to have the robot back at work after making a few adjustments to the coding. ‘Flippy should be back flipping burgers in no time’, says Misio CEO Devon Brooks. ‘I’ve really no idea where he picked up that attitude from. We’ve changed the coding so he knows that the customer is always right, even if they are a bunch of lardass morons’.

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