Trouble afoot

US military chiefs are in a mild panic tonight, as Canadian troops continue to pour into Manitoba, with the intention of repatriating an area of the US totally detached from it, known as the Northwest Angle.

The Northwest Angle is an area – essentially in Canada – that was awarded to the US in 1873 at the end of the American Revolutionary War, by British and American mapmakers who made a mistake. It is now thought of as part of Minnesota, but can only be reached by crossing the Lake of the Woods, or by driving through Canada.

It has often been disputed, but past generations have always chosen to shrink from military action.

Now, however, after an online crusade to grab the territory back went viral, and gained favor with the Canadian government, more than 25,000 military personnel have been deployed there.

The threat of conflict in the north, as well as problems on the southern border, is a massive logistical headache for President Donald Trump, and is the result of shrewd tactics by the Canadians.

A further development to this story is that US satellite images show a large build-up of Russian troops 'on exercise' in and around the Bering Sea ports of Provideniya and Nikol Skoye.

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