The Ten Best Children's Books of 2017

The Ten Best Children's Books of 2017

When illustrator and children’s book author Oliver Jeffers became a father, the Australian-born, Belfast-raised, Brooklyn transplant felt the immediate need to explain the world to his son. He manages to do this, in his latest book, Here We Are, in a simple way that belies the sheer magnitude of the task. The story reminds us […]

No One Is Talking About the Drug Crisis Killing Black People

As the number of deaths from drug overdoses continues to skyrocket, attention from the White House, state legislatures, and the media is focused on opioids and the white men driving the crisis. But according to a study published last week in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, African Americans are facing their own overdose death epidemic, fueled by cocaine.  […]

Team Trump Is Slashing Programs That Help Prisoners Adapt to Life on the Outside

On Wednesday at FCI Sandstone, a low-security federal prison in Minnesota, inmates were preparing for a congressional hearing. They couldn’t fly to Washington, of course, but they’d voted to add C-SPAN to the facility’s short list of authorized television channels. They planned to watch politicians grill the Trump administration’s new Bureau of Prisons chief about […]

Deportation Or Death? The Plight Of Undocumented Domestic Abuse Victims

Deportation Or Death? The Plight Of Undocumented Domestic Abuse Victims

“If I seek help, they might deport me, but If I don’t, he might kill me.” This harsh reality is what many undocumented women must face in the United States, hiding from immigration officials and abusive partners. They are eventually forced to chose the lesser of two evils, if they’re brave, and live long enough. […]

Legal Pot Is Coming to California in January. What Do You Want To Know?

You may have heard: Legal weed is coming to the Golden State. In November 2016, California passed Prop 64, or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, making it legal for any adult over the magical age of 21 to possess or grow pot under certain amounts. Hippies cheered. And on January 1, pot shops in California […]

The Incredible Linguistic Diversity of Tibet Is Disappearing

The Incredible Linguistic Diversity of Tibet Is Disappearing

Tibet may be best known for its bounty of ancient Buddhist monasteries and stark natural beauty—but it’s also blessed with a vast diversity of languages. The Tibetan Plateau is home to more than a dozen distinct local tongues, many of which come with their own elaborate character systems. Unfortunately, thanks to the growth of internet […]

Police: Suspected Attacker in New York Explosion Wore a “Low-Tech” Device

One person is in custody Monday morning after police responded to reports of an explosion underneath New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal—a major transportation hub in midtown Manhattan that connects commuter buses and multiple subway lines. The incident, which occurred at approximately 7:20 am in the passageway along 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, […]

Was Enrico Fermi Really the “Father of the Nuclear Age”?

Just over 75 years ago, physicist Enrico Fermi conducted a famous nuclear experiment beneath the University of Chicago’s football field on December 2, 1942. The experiment proved that chain reactions occur and could be used to release the energy of the uranium atom in a sustained way. It also cleared the way for the production […]

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