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HUMOR 22 hours ago

All US presidents to be impeached as standard|Humor

HUMOR 2 days ago

Houses of Parliament renovations halted after rare Lib Dem MPs discovered within|Humor

HUMOR 3 days ago

QAnon supporters flock to Magaluf, await second coming of Trump|Humor

HUMOR 4 days ago

Donald Trump Has Cooked Goose|Humor

HUMOR 5 days ago

Mystery Of ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden Solved|Humor

HUMOR 6 days ago

Little Girl’s Headache Was Down To Tension|Humor

HUMOR 7 days ago

State schools to close permanently as Mogg asks ‘why bother educating urchins?’|Humor

HUMOR 1 week ago

Nancy Pelosi Discovered Masturbating In Capitol Building Horror|Humor

HUMOR 1 week ago

Government to outline ‘zero f$cks’ policy|Humor

HUMOR 1 week ago

Man Could Smell Steak And Kidney Pie|Humor

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