NRA denounces Meghan for taking refuge in gun-free Britain|Humor

The National Rifle Association says it’s no coincidence that Meghan Markle “bailed out” of the US as the incidence of spree shooting went up. “We don’t take kindly to people who jump ship”, says NRA spokesman Ray Carr. “For the price of a trans-Atlantic flight she could have tooled up with an AR15 rifle and […]

Pastor Curry To Be Charged with Spreading ‘Love Speech’|Humor

To counterbalance the crime of ‘hate speech’, Her Majesty the Queen has asked parliament to enact a Bill criminalising ‘Love Speech’ after Pastor Curry mentioned the word 978 times a minute during Harry and Meghan’s wedding. If the law is passed those guilty of ‘Love Speech’ will be punished by having to listen to old […]

As Britain sizzles Mungo Jerry hit slammed on all sides|Humor

A bitter row has broken out today calling into question the veracity and political correctness of the sentiments expressed within the lyrics of Mungo Jerry’s iconic 70s chart-topping smash hit, ‘In the Summertime’. Physicist, Dr William Glynn, says: ‘I’m afraid it’s time to debunk this classic as being nothing other than nonsense. Take for instance […]

Commoners told to ‘tidy up’ before they go|Humor

Over 2000 commoners trapped inside the grounds of Windsor Castle have been told they won’t be allowed to leave until the place is clean and tidy.  Those commoners who tried to get away a bit early to beat the rush found the portcullis locked and the drawbridge raised to prevent them from leaving. ‘One commoner […]

You Owe Us! Zebras Demand Crossing Over Crocodile Infested Waters|Humor

Every year, Zebras migrate to where the grass is literally greener, risking their lives in the process. Apart from encountering lions, and other big cats on land, their annual trek entails a treacherous swim through crocodile infested rivers. Since the early 1950s, by contrast, Zebras have lent their name to a crossing that allows human […]

Morrissey announces Smiths to reform for Harry and Meghan’s evening do|Humor

Reports have emerged that Prince Harry personally asked the members of The Smiths if they would consider reforming for a one-off gig at his wedding reception. Guitarist Jonny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce were happy to reform under the proviso that their fees would go to charities of their choosing. Frontman Morrissey […]

Area Man Doesn’t Know What Bitcoin or Meek Mill is|Humor

Area Man Doesn’t Know What Bitcoin or Meek Mill is|Humor

In a wide-ranging interview at his son’s lacrosse practice, an area man discussed things he has no idea about, like bitcoin. “I have no idea what bitcoin is or why people talk about it,” he said. “I’m a 50- year old man and it’s just something I don’t even care to learn about. I also […]

Teen Still Waiting for a View on His Fornite Video|Humor

GOLDEN, CO – A local teen has been waiting for several hours for his YouTube post to register a view. Tristan Stevens posted a video of himself talking in a funny voice while playing the popular video game Fortnite on YouTube but the video has yet to register a single view. “I don’t understand. I […]

Mother of Two Wants to Recall Her Eggs|Humor

Mother of Two Wants to Recall Her Eggs|Humor

Seattle, Wa – A mother of two was so disappointed with her children that she wanted to recall her eggs. “They just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped,” she confided, after neither child called her for Mothers Day. “All I got was a text from my son asking for money. Shouldn’t we expect […]

Chinese TV Channel Bans School Choir Rendition Of ‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’|Humor

A homophobic censorship row is brewing  as online Chinese channel, Mango TV, has now also banned St Winifred’s School Choir’s rendition of I Can Sing A Rainbow in addition to Ireland’s recent Eurovision entry. ‘Any song that pledges solidarity with the LGBT community is clearly suspect, so this and other songs like Tom Robinson’s, Sing […]

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