Mutants at X-Men School Welcome the Rocket Man And the Orange Man.|Humor

Mutants at X-Men School Welcome the Rocket Man And the Orange Man.|Humor

After many years of pretending to be something they’re not, the Rocket Man and the Orange Man have finally found their way home. They were welcomed by Dr.Charles Xavier, the school Headmaster. For those of you who don’t know him, he is a top-notch mental mutant. He agreed to meet us and answer few questions. […]

Carillion used May’s ‘strong and stable’ cement mix|Humor

Construction giant Carillion’s demise is being attributed to it having taken building advice from Theresa May – a leader with all the durability of aluminum siding. Unbeknownst to Carillion, the Prime Minister lacked the basic skillset to put up a set of shelves, let alone assemble a lasting Cabinet. The ‘strong and stable’ economic foundation […]

Edward R. Murrow School Renamed to BuzzFeed|Humor

SPOKANE, WA – Washington State University announced last week that it will be renaming the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication to BuzzFeed College of Clickbaiting. “It is our esteemed honor to announce that, at the beginning of the 2018 fall school year, the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication will be renamed BuzzFeed College […]

ACME hired to ensure no further Hawaiian button blunders|Humor

Following the false alarm when an employee at Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency mistakenly ‘pushed the wrong button’ setting off automated warnings triggering widespread panic that total global destruction was imminent, officials have now replaced the button with a Wile E. Coyote-style ACME plunger. Governor David Ige was quick to apologise to islanders but added: ‘I […]

May proposes levies on colostomy bags and urine bottles|Humor

Theresa May has outlined her plans for solving both the funding needs problem of the NHS and the future of the environment.  From 2019 colostomy bags used in England and Wales will be subject to a 5p charge and a 25p deposit will be applied to plastic urinal bottles. All money raised will be recycled […]

Anyone without a bed can sleep on my couch, says Hunt|Humor

The Health Secretary has kindly offering to tackle the NHS over-crowding crisis by making use of his ‘emergency futon’. Critics have suggested that he is out of touch, but Mr. Hunt remains confident that the bed issue can be resolved: ‘How many patients are we talking about? One? Two?’. Mr. Hunt spoke of his experience […]

Stonehenge to be fitted with sprinklers|Humor

As a result of the interim report from the Grenfell Inquiry the trustees of the Stonehenge have announced that they are installing sprinklers in the ancient monument. ‘English Heritage and National Trust have found it necessary and their properties are only visited by a handful of pensioners every year,’ said a Stonehenge spokesman, adding, ‘but […]

New Education Secretary attends his first day of Cabinet|Humor

Conservative MP David Hinds looked nervous but excited today as he appeared before the press ready his first day at ‘big cabinet’. His wife beamed with pride as she dropped him off at Number Ten in his new suit and shiny shoes. Damian held her hand tightly and it looked for a moment that nerves […]

May reshuffles chairs on Titanic|Humor

Today, members of the Cabinet swap positions for the best view of the historic sinking of HMS Austerity, while the band continues to play ‘Nearer, My Brexit, to Thee’. With a huge electoral iceberg looming ahead, the Prime Minister has promised front row seats for anyone suffering from morbid curiosity or just too much David […]

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