Authorities Give About 10 Ways of an ideal Valentine’s Day|Humor

DALLAS, TX – The Valentine’s Day holiday can cause panic and anxiety for those looking for something original, exciting and romantic to do with their loved one. The Scoop News has interviewed a handful of romance experts and here are 10 ideas for a surprising, memorable and romantic Valentine’s Day. Arrange for a fake kidnapping/hostage […]

Trump Laborious Dupe after Doctor Visit|Humor

Trump Laborious Dupe after Doctor Visit|Humor

WASHINGTON, DC – Sitting on the floor outside the office of the White House Physician, President Donald Trump is refusing to get up and leave until he is given a sucker. “Right now I can confirm that the President, the most smartest man in the world, and who I thank every day for giving me […]

Putin Tells Trump He Didn't Mess With The 2016 Presidential Election|Humor

Putin Tells Trump He Didn't Mess With The 2016 Presidential Election|Humor

Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB and present head of Russia and good friend of oligarchs making money hand over fist, confided in Donald Trump saying that he, Vladimir Putin, had nothing to do with rigging 2016 US Presidential Election. Whew! What a relief! Special Counsel Mueller can just pack his bag and go […]

I’m not a quitter says May, thus making Brexit a bit confusing|Humor

Theresa May has provoked further confusion with her latest attempt to be totally clear about something, having just told the press that she is ‘not a quitter’. Now, despite civil servants trying to explain Brexit to the Prime Minister with the aid of flow charts and glove puppets, there still exists a nagging doubt that […]

Princess ‘grateful’ to knight who rescued her from dragon|Humor

Angelica, the beautiful daughter of a local monarch, has expressed her gratitude to Sir Ruggiero, a knight-errant of humble origins who recently saved her from certain death by slaying the dragon that was poised to devour her. She has admitted that she had been in a bit of a tight spot and will certainly know […]

Kremlin denies plotting to destroy Britain’s infrastructure as Britain is doing that anyway|Humor

Claims by defence minister Gavin Williamson that the Russians have been studying British power networks and photographing power stations as part of plans to sabotage Britain’s infrastructure have been officially denied by the Kremlin. A senior official within the heart of the Russian government admitted that SMERSH had considered such a plan but has now […]

UK refuses to vote for anything ever again|Humor

A nation-wide survey has shown that the entire British electorate has finally learned its lesson and accepted that it really doesn’t know what’s best for itself. The survey found that 94% of people responded with “Put a cross in a box!? Again!? Are you fucking nuts!?” to the question of which way they would now […]

Oscar nomination for man pretending to wash hands after taking a leak|Humor

A Chelmsford man was celebrating today, after his realistic portrayal of someone washing their hands after taking a leak in a public urinal was rewarded with a best actor nomination at the Oscars. Peter Jones, 46, is thought to have spent years perfecting his technique in his local shopping centre public conveniences, going through the […]

Film critic fails to find Brexit sub-text|Humor

A British arts critic reviewing forthcoming movie releases has discovered that there is just one new film that he cannot claim is an artistic comment on Brexit and Britain’s place in the world. Peter Connelly of The Observer had effortlessly explained the context of Aardman’s ‘Early Man’ as a prehistoric Brexit parable, or the Churchill epic ‘Darkest […]

Henry Bolton’s wife; ‘I told you so’ face enters its second month|Humor

UKIP’s national executive has backed a vote of no confidence by Mr Bolton’s three wives and numerous au pairs. Political commentators are saying it is a rejection of the UKIP leader’s ‘one wife in, one wife out’ policy and his controversial ‘whites-only’ lingerie speech. A fervent believer in martial independence, Mr. Bolton has been a […]

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