Russia’s dysfunctional funeral business gets a makeover

Russia’s dysfunctional funeral business gets a makeover

Stiffer competition is coming THE calls began shortly after Yulia’s grandmother died. The undertaker offered help arranging the funeral, for 47,000 roubles ($ 800) in cash. She then travelled to Moscow’s Khovanskoe Cemetery, where she was offered a discount on a gravesite—150,000 roubles off—if she could bring cash within three hours and sign a receipt […]

U.S. tax overhaul requires new math for 529 savings plans

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Families with children in private or parochial school will be able to tap their college savings plans to pay for up to $ 10,000 in tuition and other expenses in the new year, thanks to a provision in the tax overhaul bill going into effect in 2018. This will require some […]

House approves biggest tax overhaul in 30 years; Senate next

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives approved sweeping, debt-financed tax legislation on Tuesday, sending the bill to the Senate, where lawmakers were due to take up the package later in the evening. The biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax system in more than 30 years could be signed into law by President […]

Tax plan optimism propels Wall Street to record highs

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street hit record closing highs on Monday as optimism increased about the likelihood of lower corporate tax rates as the Republican tax bill moved closer to passage. The Nasdaq surpassed the 7,000-point mark during the session but closed below that level. The Republican-controlled U.S. Congress is expected to begin voting […]

An update on winners and losers on the U.S. tax scorecard

NEW YORK (Reuters) – In the lead-up to the conference agreement for the U.S. Tax Cut & Jobs Act released on Friday, there were too many moving parts for most Americans to know how it would affect them. Until the bill is voted into law, the various provisions are still a moving target, but taxpayers […]

Exclusive: Guggenheim Partners working to quell investor concern about management

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Top executives at asset manager and investment bank Guggenheim Partners LLC are working to quell clients’ concerns about the fate of their chief executive officer and about an ongoing examination by U.S. securities regulators. A top investment consultancy and at least four of Guggenheim’s institutional clients have said they are closely […]

Tesla largely responsible for slide in U.S. home solar sales

(Reuters) – After years of double-digit growth, home solar installations in the United States are poised to fall for the first time this year, according to a report released on Thursday by GTM Research. The reason? An analysis of installation data suggests that most of the slowdown is traceable to a single company: Tesla Inc […]

Disney buying Fox film, TV units for $52 billion in digital push

(Reuters) – Walt Disney Co has struck a deal to buy film, television and international businesses from Rupert Murdoch’s Twenty-First Century Fox Inc for $ 52.4 billion in stock, giving the world’s largest entertainment company an arsenal of shows and movies to combat growing digital rivals Netflix Inc and Inc. The deal brings to […]

Use balance transfers to start 2018 with path to pay off debt

NEW YORK (Reuters) – When the U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates, as it did on Wednesday by a quarter-percentage point, the first pinch consumers usually feel is higher interest rates on credit cards. U.S. outgoing Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen arrives for a news conference after a two-day Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting […]

The beast of Bentonville battles Amazon, the king of the e-commerce jungle

The beast of Bentonville battles Amazon, the king of the e-commerce jungle

A BOA constrictor swallowing capitalism. A cyclone dragging the economy into its vortex. If you look back at how people described Walmart a decade ago, it is eerily similar to how Amazon is viewed now. The supermarket chain has “a scale of economic power we haven’t encountered before”, warned “The Walmart Effect”, a best selling […]

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