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Did you know? Mathematician Sophie Germain ‘borrowed’ an identity

Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs gave birth to the Amazon rainforest

SCIENCE & TECH 2 weeks ago

Amazing image of farmer fighting locusts among photo award shortlist

SCIENCE & TECH 2 weeks ago

Did you know? Triassic dinosaurs weren’t very big

SCIENCE & TECH 3 weeks ago

Huge rogue waves rise from nowhere to sink ships. Can we predict them?

SCIENCE & TECH 4 weeks ago

One side of Earth’s interior is losing heat much faster than the other

SCIENCE & TECH 1 month ago

Signs that Earth was once almost entirely molten found in ancient rock

SCIENCE & TECH 2 months ago

Rescue plan for nature: How to fix the biodiversity crisis

SCIENCE & TECH 2 months ago

Sound waves from fin whale songs could help us study Earth’s crust

SCIENCE & TECH 2 months ago

RPS Science Photographer of the Year winners and runners up announced

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