In this edition of Probable Cause, Newsbud’s Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds exposes covert operations being conducted against Iran, in addition to several important stories which document the multi-faceted attempts to destabilize the nation.  See the full episode exclusively at or you can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on demand.

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Show Notes

Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

CIA Playbook: What’s About To Go Down in Iran

The Shift & A Secret Deal on Syria: Trump vs Clinton

US-Russia Secret Agreement on Syria-Iran

Conflict with Iran looms large on the horizon

İran’ın güneydoğusunda silahlı çetelere operasyon

Caught Red-Handed? Why Israel is Allegedly ‘Stealing’ Clouds From Iran

Could covert operations be reinstated against Iran?

Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu Meet in Moscow to Discuss Iran-Syria Ties

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