‘Condorito’ Is Hitting The Big Screen Today And Jessica Cediel Voices ‘Yayita’

After ‘la suegra’ gets captured by aliens, Condorito must travel to outer space to save her and win her blessing for her daughter’s hand in marriage. And it’s none other than Jessica Cediel who lends her voice to the character of Yayita, Condorito’s fashionable girlfriend.


Jessica Cediel talked about voicing the character, saying, “I’m the most similar to my character in that we both are hard-working women, she is a family oriented woman, she is a woman who cares about the social causes, like for example the children of the orphanage.”

Jessica did the casting via Skype and says she was super nervous. To prepare for this role, she didn’t have to change her tone of voice but did have to tone her Colombian accent down so the film could get broadcast worldwide.

“I gave this performance my soul, life, and heart,” Cediel said in an interview. Condorito is a Chilean comic cartoon series which became the equivalent of what Garfield, Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes in Latin America.


It reached peak popularity in the 80’s when a series of animated mini-episodes got released. There had always been plans to broadcast it on the big screen, but the opportunity did not show itself until years later.

In 2017 “Condorito: La Pelicula” premiered in Latin America, breaking box office records in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia and the movie is set to arrive in the United States today. Fans of all ages will get to appreciate CGI animated Yayita, Condorito’s rival, Pepe Cortisona, and his nephew, Chicky.


Jessica Cediel extended the invitation for all the United States to enjoy the film, saying, “Please don’t miss Condorito in national premiere on January 12th in all movie theaters. A film of truth for all generations, from grandparents to the little ones in the home, I promise that you will go and will have fun.”

This article was inspired by LATIN TIMES // ‘Condorito: La Pelicula’: Jessica Cediel Shares How She Was Chosen To Play ‘Yayita’

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