Debunking Alex Jones Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theory on Marjory Stoneman Douglas


This week has been quite hectic as through my social media feed I am ridden with the stories of the horrible tragedy that was bestowed upon my alma mater. A gunman, who I do not need to mention his name, slaughtered 17 people including a former classmate of mine who used to live down the street from me. Aaron Feis went out a hero.

Like clockwork the far right conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Stranger than Fiction News jumped at the chance to discredit the story as a hoax or government conspiracy for gun confiscation.

First off, full disclosure – I am not of the camp that pushes the notion that we should ban assault rifles. I would accept a system that would make it more difficult for kids to attain them as well as people currently on prescription drugs. So before you think you are reading the arguments of a “libtard commie”, understand the only skin I wear in this game is that of logic and reason to defend my fellow MSD Alumni. However, the articles and commentary that drivels from out of infowars.com are the perfect cocktail of paranoia and fear that people like Alex Jones serve fools too drunk from biased hatred of opposing political views. Personally I find Alex Jones, whose lawyer states is a mere character,  hilarious and sometimes he gets it right, but if you sling enough shit in a bathroom your bound to get some in the bowl, but mostly it will land all over yourself.

In this matter, as well as countless others, Alex Jones is full of shit. Apparently, he hasn’t learned from his Sandy Hook fiasco where he pushed the notion that the entire thing was dramatized for television and that no kids were ever even harmed. Shit, even I fell for it. It’s how I know how convincing he is. But thanks to friendly debates filled with logic and reason I was able to see how wrong I was then, and how wrong those who would believe this incident is a hoax are right now.

So I am going to one by one debunk the current slew of “evidence” presented by the likes of Jones and facebook conspiracy promoters.

Myth 1: David Hogg Crisis Actor.

Now to be fair, InfoWars never explicitly states that David Hogg is a “crisis actor” that would probably land them with a libel suit. No. InfoWars style is throw pieces to the puzzle that will lead most willfully ignorant people to draw that conclusion. First he starts off with his real shocker – David Hogg was on TV News 6 Months ago in California.

Multiple videos featuring David Hogg, a survivor of the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., have surfaced amidst his rise to prominence as an anti-gun activist that have raised questions, including a television news report in California last year.” – Info Wars Writes.

“Interestingly, Hogg has reconnected with CBS for an appearance on CBS This Morning as the mainstream media unabashedly features high school students as figureheads for a new anti-gun push.”

See how that is worded. It’s really an art I’ll tell you. “Interestingly” – whose interest? “Has raised questions…” Who is raising these questions because so far its only been kooks like Jones and his own flock of uncritical thinking sheeple. Something to see here? Was he initiated as a Freemason too?

“… including a television news report in California last year”

Gosh! You don’t say? Does he even live in Florida? Was he hired in California too? Why is this kid everywhere? THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!!!!

Or Maybe the truth is:

David Hogg is a student journalist. He was on MSD News Team for 3 years. Guess what kids like to do sometime during their summer vacation? Maybe they like to travel to California. I know the concept is so foreign. Being a little Walter Cronkite, he recorded an incident where a life guard harassed his friend over a boogie board placed over a trash can. His video went viral and it landed him on CBS2 in LA.

That’s it. Not exactly the level of “Crisis” I would deem worthy to connect him as a “government actor to promote leftwing agendas”. Unless this was going to lead finally to the ban of old grumpy lifeguards who fail to meet the standards of beauty ala Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff. When I am rescued from drowning, I demand I am also given a boner along with it.

Just because CBS2 – a local station – did that story doesn’t mean CBS was in on it either having now done the CBS This Morning show which is a national program. CNN, NBC and countless others also are doing stories and interviews with him, that’s just how media works. Doesn’t constitute conspiracy in any way. I just highly doubt he’ll be on with Tucker Carlson anytime soon.

Now can we say Left-wing media is taking advantage of the situation to promote an anti-trump agenda? Maybe, but that’s as much rope as I would ever give you.

Just take a look at his youtube channel where you will notice his short stint visiting LA and most recently launching a weather balloon at MSD.

Also here is a photo of him in a MSD yearbook:

“Look at all those actors”

Myth 2: David Hogg is Given Scripted Lines.

The next video shows David fumbling “lines” during an interview in which he keeps having to start over. This gives the impression that there is a script and I guess David is not only an actor but not a very good one. I mean for such an important role in manufacturing the events that will dismantle our 2nd amendment you would think they’d do better casting.

Note: YouTube is doing itself and others trying to debunk this by removing it from it’s database a major disservice. In order to make arguments complete transparency is needed. Shame on you YouTube, you are pretty much giving people like Jones ammo..

Look, I have been working in production for about 15 years. I have interviewed hundreds if not thousands of people, from normal joes, business owners to celebrities. One thing that they all have in common is my phrase “that’s ok, pick up from the last point.” People get nervous in front of the camera, they may stutter or mess up their train of thought – perhaps even more after witnessing their classmates get gunned down. It’s also very possible that sometimes the producer/cameraman on the scene may help him word his thoughts for him so that again, he avoids looking foolish.

While most see a “crisis actor” I see a young journalist thrown into the big leagues trying his hardest not to fuck it up.

People don’t want to look stupid in a permanent feature such as a video. So if David fucks up and keeps trying, this is absolutely normal to anyone who works in production. This is not evidence that they are paid by our government to create a hoax so they can enact martial law – or whatever the endgame these far-right snake oil salesmen are trying to persuade the people.

Myth 3: David Hogg’s is colluding with the FBI against Trump.

This comes of course because David Hogg’s dad is a retired FBI Agent. David fully admitted this so here is where some mental gymnastics will need to take place.

There is no disagreement that the FBI totally dropped the ball having received tips to the monster that shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Was this really the most effective way for the FBI to help take down Trump by what, invoking a gun ban? Wouldn’t a gun ban benefit Orange Hitler?

Trump claimed that the FBI was too busy investigating him, losing sight to prevent this tragedy. I highly doubt that the entire force of 35,000 FBI employees are hard at work at uncovering Russian trolls. I don’t even completely buy into the whole Russia collusion theory nor do I vindicate all the atrocities the FBI has committed throughout US history to buy that sour cup of tea.

We can even agree that his dad being an ex-FBI agent may have influenced his feelings towards Trump but let’s be 100 – “Grab em by the pussy”, “Shithole Countries” “Tax Breaks for 1%” and “Puerto Rico” – it doesn’t take much at this point to push people to go against Don Cheeto. Killing 17 people isn’t exactly the method that is gonna tip the boat. Unless someone shows me the the FBI is currently managed by Ozymandias from Watchmen, i’ll remain skeptical.

I also don’t agree that this really is Trumps fault, as the evidence is lacking but his actions from here on will determine how he will be perceived as either a “man of action” as so many of his supporters claim he is or an “incompetent twit” his opposition have diligently been painting him as.

This STILL is not evidence that the event at MSD was a hoax or fake or a conspiracy in any way.

Myth 4: They are smiling therefore they suffer no trauma.

This point is mainly what sold me on the Sandy Hook incident. When I noticed one of the dads smiling right before he gives a heartfelt speech and begins to draw tears almost on cue. It was convincing but here is the thing…

We all deal with trauma differently.

That’s just science:

Smiling or laughing when disclosing trauma can be an indicator of embarrassment or shame.
It takes so much courage to talk openly about experiences that are humiliating and invalidating.  Some trauma survivors hold deeply entrenched feelings of self-blame and other distorted and inaccurate thoughts about the role they believe they played in their abuse. Laughter is a way to communicate that embarrassment and can also serve as a distraction to short-circuit further exploration of their trauma experiences.” – Lisa Ferentz LCSW-C, DAPA, Psychology Today

This is anecdotal but many know me online as an offensive poster. I deal with tragedies with dark humor. This event was no different. Although personally I was hurt, my way of dealing with it was to laugh at the devil in the face. This is often misconstrued as insensitive and with this incident I was a bit more cognizant on my community.  Many times in my life when recanting horrible stories of mine, I may smile or make light of it in some way because I personally don’t like to be the person who drowns others with their somber woes of calamity. This does not mean I have not in solitude soaked my pillows in tears.

Point is – not every photo or video after an event is going to be a series of Wednesday Addams portraits.

Especially again, when the camera is involved dealing with a production team who probably have to cover a new traumatic incident each and every day. Not being able to push through the sadness and come up with a little bit of light will surely create an environment full of manic depressants waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump off a bridge.

Case in point is #5 on EMT’s coping mechanisms. 

This hoax theory holds no water, and I call shame to those who continue to propagate it.

I may vehemently disagree with a lot of David Hogg’s positions on the matter, but I understand it. I admire his passion to want to do something, anything to make a change so that tragedies like this never occur again. I find it disgusting that anyone would try to tarnish him, a victim simply because he has opposing views than theirs. It’s his goddamn right to speak on this matter as he sees fit. It’s a lazy and shameful ad hominem, that just creates divide through the spread of sensational far right propaganda. I will continue to defend his right to speak as I would defend the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos. I will definitely not let anyone tell ME, a student of class of ’96 from Marjory Stoneman Douglas who is surrounded with the outpouring of traumatic emotions from close friends that this incident was a hoax or a false flag.


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