‘Despacito’ follow up will be Auld Lang Syne, confirms Bieber|Humor

Justin Bieber has ended months of speculation and feverish anticipation today by confirming that his next single will be a remix of Robert Burns 1788 club classic Auld Lang Syne. The news has been welcomed by millions of people looking for a follow up tune to Despacito, where everyone know the words to the first verse and chorus but has to mumble or guess the rest.

‘Auld Lang Syne has everything’, noted Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw who has been playing original grime version of Burns’s tune on his morning show for weeks. ‘A foot tapping tune, an opening stanza that everyone can shout after a few beers and then some controversy about what the rest of the lyrics actually mean.’

Bieber has already courted some controversy by seemingly forgetting the lyrics of the second and third verses of Auld Lang Syne whilst performing it live on New Years Eve, a feat he therefore shares with just about everyone else drunkenly singing it on the same night. Etymologisists have suggested that the line ‘And surely ye’ll be your pint stoup’ roughly translates as ‘drinking like we do in Puerto Rico’, and that the ‘cup of kindness’ that Robert Burns talks about is two big chilli Doritos held together with some salsa dip.

The remixed version of the tune with Justin Bieber has already seen Burns rack up 10 million views on the Scottish video sharing platform ‘Och Aye the Noo Tube’. Bieber is expected to complete his trilogy of ‘hard to remember’ songs by with his reworked version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in April.

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