Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un Trade Places|Humor

[Associated Press, October 17, 2017] In an event so secret that even the President’s closest advisors were kept in the dark about it, Donald Trump swapped places with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.

For seven days, the President basked in the adoration of millions of North Korean subjects.

“It was great,” the President said upon his return home. “I didn’t want to leave. The crowds were huge, and they all loved me! Some of them even cried when they saw me in public! And I got to play with some missiles – I even got to launch one right over the Japanese island of – whaddaya call it – Hokey something. I tell you, it was great.”

Speaking through an interpreter, Kim Jong-un also said that he enjoyed his time here. He played golf at Mar-a-Lago, at Trump National in Washington, DC, and at Trump International in West Palm Beach.

“I did not realize that all you have to do to govern the United States is to play golf,” he said.

There was only one slight incident to mar Kim’s stay, when the general manager at Mar-a-Lago mistook Kim for an employee and ordered him back to the kitchen.

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