A company that manufactures and sells huge quantities of contraceptives, has issued an online warning about several batches of its product which were illegally manufactured by a rival company, and may be somewhat unreliable.

The advert, which can be seen above, was posted by Durex, with the inadvertently-misspelt warning:


Sources at Durex say that a unknown competitor is trying to undermine its operation by passing on to customers defective Rubber Johnnies, with tiny little holes in them.

A spokesman for the company said:

“As the advert says, this is a major con. Unsuspecting users will slip the Johnny on, not noticing the fault, slip it in, do ‘the busindss’, up and down, side to side, in and out, whatever’s your pleasure, ‘complete the download’, job done, Bob’s your uncle, thank you very much, “goodnight, Irene!”, without a thought for who’s about to happen next. We thought we’d better warn people.”

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