Attacks against transgender people having risen by 81%, which is clear proof that well-qualified women are being overlooked for online abuse and physical intimidation. With 1,944 reported crimes last year, clearly the Transgender community is getting all the benefits of living in a patriarchal society, while still getting all the best sympathy.

Ardent civil rights activist Rebecca Cohen (42), is one of many that feel that their thunder is being stolen: ‘I didn’t spend twenty years fighting for my equality, for others to be given it’.

‘First it was our toilets. Men claiming to be women, so they can enjoy the benefits of longer cubicle queues. Then our clothes, so they could legitimately moan about there being nothing in their size. And now, they want to steal our hard-earned abuse. I didn’t spend five years at University not to be objectified and vilified. That’s why I did a MA in poetry’.

One non-binary, transgender individual was asked to comnent, while lying in a pool of their own blood, after a particularly brutal attack: ‘It’s true. I’m the lucky one’

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