image for Hillary Clinton Named Proper President of United States

Seems that last year, Newsweek magazine published an essay by Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig. You gotta believe Harvard. It ain’t Trump University.

Professor Lessig speculated, that if Robert Mueller found evidence of Russian interference in a conspiracy with Trump to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, Trump would have to resign, along with his vice president, and the “PROPER” winner, Hillary Clinton, would be installed as President.

A woman’s voice from Chappaqua, New York, was heard to holler, “Olay!” Last seen, she was doing a Mexican hat dance in the woods…

The moving vans that have inched their way up the White House back driveway since the inauguration, finally reached the back door, parked, released their airbrakes, and sounded a roach truck serenade, interrupting an early riser in the middle of his 3 A.M. cheeseburger.

“There’s no obstruction and no collusion,” he automatically shouted, between bites.

Hearing that she would be designated the PROPER winner of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton began forming her cabinet. Every official act, bill or law that Trump so proudly signed while in office, followed by his awkward show and tell to the audience, seemingly, to demonstrate he could write his own name, Bingo, would be rescinded, canceled, voided, quashed. Justice Gorsuch would be removed from the Supreme Court, same goes with Trump’s other judicial appointments. Olay!

Meanwhile, while wandering around the White House, sucking dry a double chocolate, butterscotch milkshake in one hand, with a waiting piece of strawberry shortcake in the other, Trump discovered Bill Clinton measuring the windows for new drapery.

It is safe to say that words were exchanged.

“Well, the moving vans are at the back door,” Clinton defended. “You promised to testify under oath before Mueller, and if you lie, it’s five to ten on Rakers Island. And by the way, the White House bread pudding if better than that shortcake.”

However, if Trump is indeed found to be criminally involved in an election conspiracy with the Russians, he may have to seek a pardon from President Hillary Clinton. Remember crooked, lock her up, Hillary Clinton?


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