After this week’s freezing weather and rain began to get to him, Hull resident, Scott Galloway, confirmed, on Thursday, that he is seriously considering packing it all up, and moving somewhere different, like Grimsby.

“I hate the winters here, the wind chill factor is off the blooming charts, it rains nearly every day, the food is bad and, to be honest, the place is getting me down. I really need a change of scenery, you know? Somewhere different, somewhere fresh, rebuild my life, so to speak, a new start away from Hull,” said Galloway, adding, however, that he was slightly concerned that Grimsby may be too far away to allow him to stay in contact with his friends and family in Hull.

“I visited Grimsby about two years ago, and it was considerably warmer than Hull. I know it is a giant leap of faith, and I understand uprooting myself from Hull to move to Grimsby is a massive step, but I am going to take that chance, you know? It’s quality of life that matters, in the end. My family is planning a going-away party for me; God knows when I will see them again.”

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