By Chris Rossini

​Every person is endowed with individual liberty. That is, the ability to choose, to select, to prefer, to believe, and to act. Over time, a person’s outward life and circumstances will reflect the choices that were (and currently are) made. 

In other words, with individual liberty comes responsibility. With the choice (cause) comes the circumstance (effect). That’s the setup, like it or not.

There are two major pitfalls that a person can succumb to once they start to live in this world of cause and effect. First, is the desire to try to ditch one’s individual liberty and responsibility. In other words, to try to pass it off onto someone else.

The second pitfall complements the first one. It’s the desire to try to assume responsibility for another person’s life. That is, to try to dictate how others should live, and then attempt to enforce those dictates with violence.

When it comes to man-made problems, these two pitfalls are perhaps the overriding cause of most of them. 

Of course, there are natural disasters, diseases and accidents; and no individual is all-knowing, so stuff happens in life.

But so many of the problems that people hoot and holler about on a daily basis extend from either trying to ditch their liberty and responsibility, or from the dictates that come from busy-bodies that try to live for everyone else in addition to themselves.

Some try to ditch their lives; others try to re-make the world by living for others. The blind lead the blind, and they all fall into the ditch.

Meanwhile…Those who accept the setup of life, who accept that they have freedom and are responsible for it, and who accept that they cannot live or dictate for anyone else, are caught in the middle of this. These individuals are always in the hated minority.

The longer that the power/dependency relationship lasts, the crazier everything gets.

The tyrants begin to think of themselves as God. How many times throughout history has that happened? Meanwhile, those who have faith in the tyrants begin to believe it as well!

Of course, the whole thing is a fantasy, with disastrous real-world consequences.

In order to keep the fantasy going, all acknowledgment of the truth starts to fade away. The truth is thrown overboard in order to keep it going just a little while longer.

The fantasy must be kept afloat with a constant stream of lies. To rule is to rule over an empire of lies. The bigger the empire, the bigger the lies.

Since The United States government discarded its founding principles and became the biggest empire to ever exist, it necessarily means that Americans believe an extraordinary number of lies; whether it be about the past, about the present, and about what they can expect from government in the future.

The truth is starting to break through the cracks though, and that may be why we’re seeing the tremendous ramping up of authoritarianism.

Many Americans are starting to come to grips with the nature of the fantasy. With widespread information-sharing on the Internet, and with a President that has repeatedly blown the whistle on fake news, it’s not as shocking anymore to many Americans to realize something is seriously wrong.

Large numbers are coming to grips with the fact that they’ve been routinely lied to through government schools; and then those lies are reinforced as they get older through media, movies, TV, radio, etc.

Granted, many Americans don’t know what to do about it, but the realization is spreading rapidly. 

The one-size-fits all Corona lockdown disaster has only added to the realization. Never in the history of the world have governments reacted like this to a virus. Never have they taken a steamroller to society and economic life in this manner.

Again, many Americans don’t know what to do about this, but the realization that something is seriously wrong is spreading rapidly.

In this environment, all types of ideologues will try to capitalize. They will convince themselves that this is their time and opportunity to usher in their utopias.

Astoundingly, even the totally disproven and discredited promises of Socialism have reared their ugly head again. As if the 1900’s were not enough death and destruction for mankind to tolerate. 

Socialism encapsulates the two aforementioned pitfalls perfectly. For the individual, it’s total subservience to the Socialist master(s). For the Socialist master(s), it’s the fantasy of total micromanagement of all human life.

God and independent free individuals have been replaced in this fantasy by a bunch of egomaniacs and their desire to move around human pawns.

The fantasy is a nightmare. 

Fortunately, the truth is always the final arbiter and will prevent such a nightmare from becoming a final reality. But lots of damage has been done and can continue to be done in the meantime.

On this corner of the Internet, the message is simple:

Live and Let Live.

Accept the setup of life. Every person is endowed with individual liberty. One can’t ditch it, or assume it for anyone else. To attempt to do so, is to bring a severe amount of hurt and pain to oneself.

The ideas of Liberty are far superior to the ideas of dependence and power. You’re the captain of your individual ship and others are the individual captains of their own ships.

How cool is that?

The alternative is mass death. Hundreds of millions died (not including in wars) at the hands of their own Socialist governments in the 1900’s. Americans may not know which way to turn at the moment, but that’s definitely not the way to go!

Let’s chart a new course of living our own individual lives by keeping our hands off other people and their stuff.

Let’s do voluntary interactions.

Let’s respect private property.

Let’s end the Federal Reserve and return to sanity with sound money.

Let’s live a little bit.

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