image for Ivanka Trump Will Start Selling Designer Cages for Border Kids
"The Deluxe Bernie Madoff style is popular" said Ivanka.

Trump Tower, NY Trump's daughter, Ivanka, who recently shuttered her clothing line because she was "too busy" (all the stores stopped selling it), announced that she will start the Ivanka Trump Designer Cage Co.

"We just thought it was an idea whose time had come," spoke Ivanka. "Because of all the talk of children being thrown in cages, the focus has been on cages. Now we want people to buy these because of their beauty and utility, not just to put children in."

Nevertheless, Ivanka's Daddy has placed a pre-order for 500,000 units and promised to have these available at the US-Mexico border.

"Most people would want their child to have a designer cage, if they knew their children would be caged, right?" Reasoned Ivanka.

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