J.R. Smith Made TWO Bonehead Plays … Says Charles Oakley

6/1/2018 6:36 AM PDT


Charles Oakley says it wasn’t just the last play of regulation that J.R. Smith screwed up Thursday night — he also made a crucial mistake in the 1st half that cost his team 3 points … and maybe the game. 

Oak was pretty upset with Smith’s decision to go for a steal instead of playing shutdown defense on Steph Curry in the final seconds of the 1st half. 

Smith missed the interception and Steph bombed a 3 … Oakley says that was a major momentum change. 

“Why are you going for a steal on the best shooter in the game?!”

Oakley says he hopes the Cavs can recover and bounce back strong in Game 2. 

We’ll see …

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