image for Kanye West To Leave US
Taxi for Mr West!

The rapper and politician, Kanye West, who recently commented that the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution – which deals with slavery – should be abolished, has announced he is to leave the United States to live abroad.

West recently replied to a question about his support for Donald Trump, and the fact that the president was a racist, with:

"If I was concerned about racism, I would've moved out of America a long time ago."

It seems he may now be concerned.

West has already met Trump twice, the pair tweet, and talk to each other on the phone, but it still hasn't dawned on the singer that Trump would just as soon throw him over the Mexican wall as look at him. Or maybe he has, now.

Snoop Dogg and John Legend are among a host of people who have offered to drive West to the airport.

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