Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn Co-Host 4th of July Day Party

Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn Co-Host 4th of July Day Party

Leo DiCaprio Serves Up a Smashing 4th Party … With Co-Host Sean Penn

7/5/2018 6:40 AM PDT

Leonardo DiCaprio got patriotic on the 4th of July by serving his country … as well as serving his guests during a volleyball game that he was REALLY into. 

The Oscar winner co-hosted an Independence Day shindig Wednesday in Malibu with his pal, Sean Penn, and got down for a save during a friendly match. Sean appears to have stayed out of the sand, but it’s all good — Leo had it under control. Kind of …

He gets off to a rough start by knocking the ball into the net, but eventually finds his groove and makes a wicked dive to keep the rally alive. It ends up going out, unfortunately, but dude definitely gets an A for effort.

Oh and, as you might imagine … there were tons of chicks there, a lot of whom were in their bikinis. Classic Leo, if you ask us. Sean too, apparently.

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