image for Lorry Sheds Its Load Of Sheds
A 'shedload' of cows

There was a 30-yard tailback on a road in Battambang this morning, after a lorry shed its load of sheds.

The lorry – which in the US would be described as 'the truck' – was being driven along the road from Baset in the direction of the city, by a man who appeared to be no more than 3 feet tall.

As two motorcycles overtook the lorry, it started to veer, and then 'wobble' from side-to-side, and a flat-packed shed was dislodged. The driver, presumably having seen this in his rear-view mirror, panicked and lost control of the vehicle. It shuddered and juddered towards the nearside ditch, before he recovered control, braking sharply, whereupon the rest of the sheds were offloaded onto the road.

Chaos ensued. Motorcyclists – some travelling as fast as 25mph – slowed and braked. A motorcyclist going in the other direction craned her neck as she trundled by, and kept craning her neck until it had been craned 180°, and could be craned no further. A dog turned its head and gave a low growl, though there was no menace in it. Birds left their trees and flew away, and the driver of a car slowed to walking pace, and eventually came to a halt just in front of a prostrated shed. Only the cows grazing in the adjacent fields were unaffected, and continued munching grass, unconcerned.

The police were not called, and slowly, those involved or affected by the accident converged on the fallen sheds and helped reload them onto the back of the lorry. Everyone chatted and smiled as if it were great fun.

Eventually, after a delay of about five minutes, the lorry chugged into gear and moved off in the direction of a place where folks didn't yet have a shed. Motorcycles followed it, and the cows in the fields swished their tails at the annoying flies.

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