Not only has the lack of power affecting the Houses of Parliament resulted in MPs being grounded up until halloween, it’s also led to the corridors of power having to change its name to be rebranded simply as ‘the corridors’.
A dramatic loss of power in 2017, had left the Government battling to keep things running, with MP’s on occasion even resorting to generating their own power.

An attempt to harness Boris’ Bounce had reportedly left Whitehall ‘energised’, but failed to create any actual power.
The recent loss of a small but vital power generator in rural Wales, despite installation of turbo-chargers, has highlighted the need to save power.

Alongside banning MP’s from flying, power conservation measures include a return to the dark ages through the prorogation of Parliament and shutting down anything that might shine a light on islamaphobia, say, or the manhandling of a female protestor by Mark Field. Other strategies have been unveiled to aid with operating in the darkness, such as employing Dominic Cummings as an advisor.

Amid the gloom our reporter was able to make out the office of the International Trade Secretary where Liz Truss was scheduled to be giving a car-crash interview. However, despite the lights being on, closer investigation showed that there was, clearly, nobody home.   A government advisor suggested that there was no problem – ‘all we need to do is turn the government off, then turn it on again,’ the advisor said.

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