A man lost it at petrol station after clicking 1p past his intended goal of a straight £20 because the world is obviously against him and wishes him to experience only pain and suffering.

The petrol attendant said, “I had my eye on him early on. I saw the signs. The pump started going very slow around the £19.80 mark. It creeped on nicely, one pence at at a time. I thought he had this.”

“But at £19.97 he obviously got a bit over-excited and totally blew it. I thought it was probably just a matter of time after that.”

A woman standing at the next pump said, “I turned around when I heard his guy screaming, ‘really, really?! You did that deliberately you, didn’t you, you f**king pr*ck? Answer me!”

“I assumed he was having an argument with someone, but no it was just the petrol pump.”

The station attendant continued, “when he removed all the newspapers from the plastic displays and doused them in de-icer I had to deploy the forecourt tannoy.”

“Funny thing is, he then came in and paid with a card.”

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