image for Man Starts Using His Nokia 6300 Again
Not the Nokia 6300, but you get the gist

In a move designed to control his chronic over-use of the internet, a man in Battambang has put his advanced smartphone aside, and started to use his Nokia 6300 telephone again instead.

The Nokia 6300, a Christmas present in 2007, is the most reliable piece of equipment Moys Kenwood has ever owned, and far outstrips the newfangled Samsung J6 he currently tries, but fails, to understand.

Allowing him to access the internet, the J6 seemed to be perfect for the Englishman's needs: Facebook, Messenger, emails, news updates, plus other items the mysterious Algorithms thought might interest him, but recently, he felt, his life had gone on vacation to a destination he didn't like, and he was now going to bring it back home.

Putting his smartphone back in its box, and then in a safe place, he charged the Nokia up, and took it to work with him the next day along with a book – 'The Complete Tales Of Nikolai Gogol' – so that, instead of wasting countless hours scrolling up-and-down nonsensical Facebook pages, he could waste those same countless hours reading Ukranian folktales.

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