Gary Johnson, a 46-year-old man about town, has recently taken delivery of a new laptop, after losing his previous one to his cat, Tiddles.

Suffering during self-isolation with wife Lorraine and son Thomas, Gary was sick of finding cat hairs all over his laptop, from when Tiddles had been sitting on it, so he gave the computer to Tiddles.

‘What my Gary fails to understand,’ said Lorraine, with her increasingly raised eyebrows, ‘is that the cat likes the warmth of a laptop when it has been on for a while, so he will always go and lie on the new one, regardless. I am sure that Tiddles is grateful for the gift, but really what can we expect from a cat with its laptop?’

As a way of thanking him for his gift, Tiddles brought in a huge, and decidedly flighty bird, as well as a mouse. The bad news for Gary and Lorraine, is that they have so far only found half of the mouse.

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