There may not be much football being played at the moment, due to the Coronavirus shutdown, but everyone has to eat, and food costs money, and this seems to be the primary reason why Manchester United and England central defender, Harry Maguire, has chosen now to ask the Old Trafford club for a salary increase.

Maguire it was who, last week, suggested to his United colleagues, that they donate 30% of their wages to the NHS, to help pay for essential equipment to fight the virus, but, today, he posted on social media that he has instructed his agent to start negotiations with the club for a “substantial amount”.

It’s not known how much of an increase Maguire is looking for, but it’s likely to be in the region of 30% of his current salary. would like to apologise to Harry Maguire for forgetting to wish him a Happy Birthday on March 5th. This was an oversight, partly due to concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic, and partly because we just hadn’t realised it was his birthday. Anyway, there’s no point in going on about it, so let’s just wish him a Belated Happy Birthday and have done with it.

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