Excited and amazed shoppers stood and gawped in the Manchester Arndale Centre last Saturday afternoon, as the Manchester United and England central defender, Harry Maguire – ostensibly on a shopping trip – passed amongst them executing a perfect mincing walk.

Maguire, 26, was without his girlfriend, Fern Hawkins, and seemed to be oblivious of anyone watching him, as he focused his attention on his reflection in the store windows he passed.

Skipping along with short, dainty steps, in some comfortable-looking loafers, Maguire stopped more than once to admire his pose, pouting, turning this way and that, and adjusting his hair, before resuming his mince.

One female eyewitness said:

“I didn’t know Harry Maguire was a faggot.”

Her friend said:

“You never know what goes on in people’s lives.”

On the other hand, it might just have been a bloke that looked a bit like Harry Maguire.

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