Further research into the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine is being hampered by a global shortage of saline for Placebo injections.
Scientists all across the five continents and especially the seven seas are stumped, desperately seeking a source of dilute salt water solution that can keep up with the massive demand for comparative injections in immunisation trials. None of the eleventy-billion different vaccines currently under phase two or three trials can prove their efficacy unless they are matched with an equal number of patients receiving control placebos. Such is the demand for case studies, some volunteers for multiple studies have had to go on a saline drip to get the sheer volume of placebo into them to validate the enormous number of urgent clinical trials that are pending.
Its believed that unless a reliable source of slightly salty water is found soon, Science as an entity will lose its newfound premier place in the public esteem and be replaced once more by religion.

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