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Moody bloody kids!

Dutch Formula One racing driver Max Verstappen, who has been the recent target of much intense criticism over his driving style, has reacted angrily by planting a headbutt on his mum.

Verstappen, 20, was preparing for the Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve last week, and was asked why he had been involved in so many accidents this season. He rounded on reporters, and told them:

"I'm tired of all the questions. If I get a few more, I will headbutt someone."

The unfortunate recipient turned out to be none other than his dear old Mutti, Sophie Kumpen.

Returning to his Montreal hotel where his mum, having flown over from Europe to lend Max her support, was waiting for him to have dinner, the two met and embraced, but mum could sense Max was agitated. She asked him what was wrong, but he just shook his head. They went into the restaurant to eat, but Max couldn't seem to make his mind up about the menu. His mum ordered for him: a hotdog with fries, and a can of cola.

When the food arrived, Max was fidgety, didn't eat, and again his mum asked what was the matter and why he hadn't touched his din-din. Suddenly, Verstappen rose from his seat, leaned back, and then thrust his head forward at speed, connecting squarely with the bridge of his mum's nose. Dinner was over. Kumpen recovered her poise, and left alone. Verstappen finished his cola, then also left. A tip was not left.

A spokesman for Red Bull said:

"He's a bit moody at the moment, but you know what these kids are like!"

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