image for Mouse Became Stuck On Glue Trap
Its scurrying days are over

There was a shock in store for a Cambodian mouse last night, as it became stuck on a 'glue trap' that had been left for it, and was unable to escape.

The mouse – and possibly others like it – had been scurrying about the roofspaces of a house in Battambang for weeks, and the resident, Englishman Moys Kenwood, had instructed his wife- in no uncertain terms – to deal with the problem.

Mrs Kenwood placed a plastic tray on the second-floor landing, and on it placed some tasty morcels left over from the family's tea, in order to tempt the rodent once the Kenwoods had retired for the night.

All around the titbits, she laced the tray with powerful Ratglue, guaranteed to leave all manner of rodents, as well as insects, wishing they had chosen somewhere else to scavenge for food.

The Kenwoods went to bed around 10:30pm, and, just after midnight, a familiar scampering about could be heard for several minutes, until it finally stopped.

The mouse had been trapped!

This morning, the mouse was still there on the tray looking sheepish, and feeling sorry for itself.

The Englishman called for a summary execution, but Mrs Kenwood told us that she will leave the mouse there for a few days, so that its 'warnings' to its 'friends' may act as a deterrent in the future.

Police are not investigating.

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