National Mockdown : Everyone stays home and posts acerbic satire

National Sockdown: Everyone stays home and avoids stepping on the kids’ lego

National Clockdown: Everyone stays home and forgets what day it is, what time it is. And for that matter, forgets what time is. When?

National Rockdown: Everyone stays home and dances to Bon Jovi videos

National Dockdown: Everyone stays home with nettle stings, and wishes they could do something about them

National Flockdown: Everyone stays home and wishes the sheep were still available

National Wokdown: Everyone stays at home and cooks stir-fries

National Blockdown: Everyone stays at home and plays Tetris

National Glockdown: Everyone stays at home for school music lessons

National Deepdown: Everyone stays home and reverts to the Status Quo.

National Dockdown: Everyone stays home and no ships get unloaded.

National Stockdown:Everyone stays home as the FTSE collapse.

National Hockdown: Everyone stays home and gets pissed on German wine.

National TikTokdown: thank f*@k for that.

National Jockdown: England copies whatever Scotland’s doing.

National Lock Stock down: everyone stays in and watches 90s Brit movies.

National Alpenstockdown: everyone goes mountaineering in period costume (warning: carries higher fatality rate than the virus).

National Cockdown: time for Boris to go.

National HamHockDown : Everyone stays home, pays extra for a ham sandwich and then drops the bastard

IronDuke, Sir Lupus, ron cawleyoni, Midfield Diamond

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