NBA’s P.J. Tucker Warriors’ Mark Stevens Got Off Easy … Demands Harsher Punishment

6/6/2019 3:15 PM PDT


Houston Rockets player P.J. Tucker ain’t happy with the NBA’s 1-year ban against Golden State Warriors part-owner Mark Stevens … telling TMZ Sports, “It should be more!”

As we previously reported … in addition to the 1-year ban, Stevens was also fined $ 500,000 for pushing Toronto Raptors star Kyle Lowry during Game 3 of the NBA Finals after Lowry dove into the crowd trying to save a loose ball.

Lowry says Stevens also cussed at him several times during the interaction. 

Tucker says the NBA’s punishment feels very light — and says everyone should be outraged by Stevens’ conduct. 

“Don’t put your hands on people,” Tucker says … “There’s nowhere in the game for that.”

Tucker says he’s not sure what the punishment SHOULD be … but noted, “If a player put his hands on a fan, it would be a lot harsher.”

“No telling what happens … [that player would] probably never play again.”

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