A new graduate actor denied claiming she’s wacky, just really enthusiastic, a bit zany perhaps and fit to explode into a rainbow of psychedelic imaginative ideas.

Portia Portia, so good her parents named her twice, and goes by the affectionate nickname PP, recently joined the Swindon Ladies Improv Troupe. “I feel so at home with this great gang,” said a bouncy PP, “I can be my goofy, bonkers, dotty self.”

PP begins warm up sessions with a teapot balanced on her head saying, “I’m just potty to be with you guys.” Every week, the same tea pot, balanced on her head.

“Maybe it’s a graduate thing,” said Cheryl, a SLIT member and non graduate, who then disappeared for a Portia Portia.

“We do like new graduate actors,” said Anna, also a none graduate, on her return from a Portia Portia, “they are so much fun to be around, honestly, really, we like it when they share ‘their kookie truth’ and their tea.”

Portia Portia sometimes acts out the type of tea that is in the tea pot but none of the others manage to work out what it is.

“But we’re glad she’s not wacky or claims to be wacky, we couldn’t cope with that,” said Cheryl, “and I do look forward to seeing her explode.”

“Yeah me too,” said Anna, “I don’t even care if it’s ‘into a rainbow of psychedelic imaginative ideas’ or not, just seeing her explode would be great.”

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