Nigel Farage is for life, not just for Brexit|Humor

Once cute and lovable, many feel that Mr. Farage has outgrown his welcome – gnawing his way through a sizable EU pension and defecating all over the press.  The RSPCA reports that many of Mr. Farage’s pledges have been heartlessly abandoned at the roadside; with many Leave campaigners having bought into his ideas, without realizing that these soon become unmanageable and unaffordable.

A JustGiving page started to help raise funds for beleaguered ex-Ukip leader has already raised a staggering £1.29 just hours after being set up.  The page was opened by supporter Barry Spurtle who took pity on the MEP after reading his heart-rending interview in the Daily Mail:  ‘After hearing Nigel say that he’s alone, skint and miserable I just had to do something to help him out.  With Christmas just around the corner the thought of him spending it alone in his £4m Chelsea townhouse and struggling to make ends meet on his £90k annual MEP’s salary, was just too much’.

‘It makes me so sad to think that he has nothing to look forward to but a lucrative career as a phone-in host on LBC.  It’s not cheap travelling to Germany to support far-right parties or to fly to America to endorse Senate candidates who have been accused of paedophilia, it all adds up’.

Farage has received messages of support on the JustGiving page as well as some messages from those who are not normally well disposed to the ex-Ukip leader:  ‘At this time of year it’s important that we come together, put our differences aside and look out for those less fortunate than ourselves,’ wrote one poster.  ‘But look, its Nigel Farage – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Toilet’.   Some are concerned that post-Christmas, Mr. Farage may be put in a sack and dumped in the nearest river.   Many are concerned that he might not be.

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