Ever since 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the state has increasingly passed off falsification and lies as truth. Prior to that event, the state peddled lies—from the sinking of the Maine to the Gulf of Tonkin, to name but two—and over the last decade and a half it has used this tactic with increasing frequency. On March 4, a former Russian spy and double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were apparently poisoned and found catatonic on a bench in the British city of Salisbury. Prime Minister Theresa May accused Vladimir Putin and the Russians. She did this without sufficient evidence and before an investigation of the incident. United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley not only blamed Russia for the poisoning, she also linked it to alleged chemical attacks in Syria, again without evidence. The Russian blame game has now gone into overdrive and in the process moved the world closer to a war between nuclear super powers. The new standard is no evidence. None is offered and none required. The propaganda media reports false flags and fabricated events as fact and the people either believe or they don’t—it doesn’t matter to the state, it uses propaganda to justify sanctions and other acts of war. It no longer bothers to engineer believable false flag events.

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