China hawks have been pushing for a simple, organizing narrative for Asia to follow: World versus China.

But then confusing stuff comes along.  Stuff like Kim Jong Un visiting Beijing.  Stuff like India soft-pedaling the Tibet issue.

We look at the Korean trend that’s freaking out American pundits: Asians doing Asian stuff about Asia while the United States looks clueless and behind the curve.

And Tibet not for the Tibetans.  A generational and cultural shift is taking place in the Tibetan diaspora, and the Indian government has made some puzzling and interesting moves.  Knuckling under to Chinese pressure?  Or finding a new path forward as the Dalai Lama’s succession plan hits a rough patch?

The confusion and dismay of the China-watching pundit class is why you need China Watch now more than ever.  The chessboard that the United States has worked so hard to set and play in Asia is in danger of being upended by forces the U.S. fears but seems incapable of understanding.

All this on this week’s China Watch.

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Show notes

For China, One of the Greatest Risks of Trump Kim Talks is Being Sidelined

Kim’s China trip shows Beijing still holds many keys to North Korea

DPRK video of Kim Jong Un visit to Beijing with notes by Peter K. Lee of Australia National University

What the Meeting Between Xi and Kim Might Have Been Like

How Sick Is the Dalai Lama?

Fists fly over living god’s crown

Tibetan spiritual leader in cash scam

17th Karmapa Leader Expects 1st Child, Says ‘May Benefit Lineage’

Karmapa extends stay in United States due to health concerns

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