We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Proudly posted a smart-arse comment on social media then sat back and waited for the ‘likes’ to flood our news feeds. Then, someone says, “I spat out my coffee reading this.” It gives us a warm tingly feeling and makes us want to write more.

However, a new report from the Rhodes Institute in Oxford has cast doubt on the authenticity of the coffee-spitting claim. Research suggests people could be making it up, following a surge of cases during the pandemic lockdown.

Dr Phil Berry, a Behavioural Scientist heading up the research team said they had concluded that it was a classic case of what psychologists call, Boris Syndrome.

“It’s compulsive bullshitting, in a desperate bid for the sufferer to gain attention and endear themselves to others. Some will say they’ve spat out coffee over their laptops, while others will make more outlandish claims. These could include half-baked ideas about world-beating systems, saying they’ve never heard of Marcus Rashford’s well-publicised school meal scheme or denying that the Russian’s have set up an Airbnb in Downing Street.

“Our data shows that the syndrome could be the result of lockdown withdrawal or the fact that they are simply massive wankers.”

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