Not content with making Katie Hopkins look like a moderate, the out-of-work actor has continued his campaign to liberate, privately educated snowflakes from the shackles of ‘white privilege’. Mr. Fox insisted that racism was a fiction, as were 80% of the world’s population.

Being so dumb it hurts, has not prevented Mr. Fox from airbrushing BAME citizens from the Royal Family, from WW1 and from all episodes of Inspector Morse. A friend explained: ‘No one can understand the social barriers that Laurence has had overcome. Being born into a rich, famous acting dynasty. Being expelled from Harrow, only to be enrolled at RADA. It’s like the story of Malcolm X.’

Meanwhile Mr. Fox uses his controversial views to promote his music career and his own brand of ‘Aryan Blues’. His songs include ‘Got My Mojo Working, as an Intern’, ‘Stormy Monday, thank goodness we went grouse shooting on the weekend’, and a cover version of Robert Johnson’s ‘Crossroads’, retitled ‘Oxford or Cambridge?’.

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