There was trouble at the White House this morning, after President Donald Trump became angry with a woman journalist, leapt from his podium, and punched the woman full in the mouth.

The woman was knocked unconscious.

White House security guards moved in quickly to restrain Trump, as he raised his foot above her head, to stamp on it.

Steam was pouring from the President’s ears, as it does from a boiling kettle.

The incident happened as The Washington Nonsense reporter, Judy Jones, asked Mr. Trump if he would continue to wear a facemask even after the Coronavirus had been defeated.

He asked her:

“Why, if the virus is dead?”

She replied:

“So that the country doesn’t have to listen to any more of your bare-faced lies.”

Trump left his podium and began the assault.

Police are investigating the legality of Miss Jones’ comment.

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