Psychopaths are busy at work transforming our world into a killing field. They’re building a prison, a panopticon of surveillance. They control and manipulate virtually every aspect of your life, from the money you spend, to the job you hold, the food you eat, the medicine you take, the clothes you wear, and the entertainment you consume. Their preferred form of government is pathocracy—absolute rule by psychopaths. They are masters of deceit. They say we live in a democracy, a government run by the people, for the people, when in fact it’s a Mafia operation of global organized crime. The elite have taken down the economy, the middle class is shrinking at a historically rapid rate, more and more Americans are dependent on the psychopaths to provide their subsistence, and society is breaking up into mutually antagonistic factions, something that is also part of the plan to destroy America. The psychopathic elite revel in your destitution, misery, and helplessness. It’s what they do best—subject humanity to humiliation, diminish it through poverty and war, and eventually reduce its numbers to what they consider a manageable level—500 million worldwide. Those who remain will serve as slaves and museum specimens of a lost past.

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 Show Notes

The Plutocracy Cartel

The Octopus of Global Control

Global Financial Diplomacy and the Empire of Economics

Beyond the Media Matrix

The Rockefeller File

Did I say that? Prince Philip, the Queen’s consort, 88

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