Her Majesty the Queen has come under attack from a man who threw a rotten tomato at her Buckingham Palace bedroom window, after she failed to join the rest of the Royal Family during their visit to the Sandringham estate in Norfolk on Christmas Day.

The Queen was unhurt, but clearly annoyed. She was seen by wellwishers to lean out of the window, and clean it using a perfectly-pristine white Royal handkerchief which was embroidered with the House of Windsor crest, and which was immediately recognizable as a monarchical snotrag.

Police say the man took a long run-up and launched the tasty, red-skinned salad fruit high into the air, and stood admiring his effort, until it splattered on the window, leaving seeds over a wide area. He was removed from the scene without a struggle, and taking to a nearby police station for a good kicking.

The Royal window cleaner isn't due to clean the Queen's windows until Friday, when he'll be expecting a humongous, great, end-of-year tip.

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